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Scalar function

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A '''scalar function''' is one of a class of [[primitive function]]s that apply to [[argument]]s one [[element]] at a time. [[Dyadic]] scalar functions pair elements of their arguments based on [[conformability]] rules, and thus are subject to [[scalar extension]]. In [[Nested array model|nested]] array languages , scalar functions [[pervasion|pervade]] any [[nested array]]s by [[recursion|recursively descend ]] descending into nested arrays them until they can be applied to reaching [[simple scalars]]; in [[Flat array model|flat]] array languages they usually do not apply inside [[boxes]].
Only a particular [[valence]] of a function is labelled "scalar". The scalar monad [[Not]] usually shares the glyph <source lang=apl inline>~</source> with non-scalar dyad [[Without]], and similarly scalar [[Roll]] and non-scalar [[Deal]] are both written <source lang=apl inline>?</source>.

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