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Scalar function

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== User defined scalar functions ==
In [[nested array model]] dialects with the [[Depth (operator)|Depth]] operator (<source lang=apl inline>⍥</source> or in J, ''Level at'' <source lang=j inline>L:</source> ), any function can be used as a scalar function (that is, be applied to all simple scalars) using the [[derived monadic operator]] <source lang=apl inline>perv←⍥0</source>:
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{{Works in|[[dzaima/APL]], [[Extended Dyalog APL]]}}
In dialects that support [[dfn]]s, this operator can be defined<ref>[[John Scholes]], [ perv] (Scalar pervasion). dfns workspace, 2019-02-17.</ref> as:
{{Works in|[[Dyalog APL]]}}
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