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APL conference

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=== 1970s ===
==== 1970 ====
At the suggestion of [[wikipedia:NASA|NASA]] employee Cyrus Creveling, a group of attendees of the 1969 conference agreed to hold a second conference at the [[wikipedia:Goddard Space Flight Center|Goddard Space Flight Center]] in [[wikipedia:Greenbelt, Maryland|Greenbelt, Maryland]]. It took place on June 19 and 20, 1970. The conference, reduced in attendance from 220 to 150, was held in the style of a workshop, with presentations and discussion but no papers or proceedings published. At this conference the first formal effort to establish [[SIGAPL]] was made by collecting the required 25 signatures for a petition to the ACM.<ref name="foster"/>
Two reports from the conference was published in the [[APL Quote-Quad]].<ref>Korn, Karl. [ "APL Community Meets at NASA"]. [[APL Quote-Quad]] Vol. 2, No. 2. 1970-07-10.</ref><ref>Creveling, Cyrus. "APL Conference". [ pdf]: last page) [[APL Quote-Quad]] Vol. 2, No. 2. 1970-07-10.</ref> [[Ken Iverson]] and [[Adin Falkoff]] attended but spoke little about their plans, and [[Eric Iverson]], then at [[I.P. Sharp]], participated in discussion.

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