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A '''dfn''' (contraction of '''direct function''' or '''dynamic function''', pronounced "dee fun") is an alternative way to define a [[function]] and [[operator]], invented by [[John Scholes]]. A dfn operator can also be called a '''dop''' (pronounced "dee op").
John Scholes was responsible for numerous presentations and publications on and about dfns, and until his passing he maintained the [ dfns dfns website].
As of 2020, dfns are fully implemented in [[Dyalog APL]], [[NARS2000]], [[ngn/apl]], [[dzaima/APL]], and partially in [[GNU APL]], although not all dialects implement [[wikipedia:lexical scoping|lexical scoping]], in contrast to the dynamic scoping of [[tradfn]]s. In other words, a dfn cannot "see" locals of its caller, but can see locals of its definer.

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