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== For old APLers ==
In the last decade, several implementations have extended APL with new primitives:
=== Functions Primtives ===* Functions: <source lang=apl inline>⊢</source> [[Identity|Same]], [[Right_identity|Right]];* <source lang=apl inline>⊣</source> [[Identity|Same]], [[Left_identity|Left]];* <source lang=apl inline>⌷</source> [[Materialise]], [[Squad indexing|Index]];* <source lang=apl inline>≡</source> [[Depth]], [[Match]];* <source lang=apl inline>≢</source> [[Tally]], [[Not Match]];* <source lang=apl inline>⍸</source> [[Where]], [[Interval Index]];* <source lang=apl inline>⊆</source> [[Nest]], [[Partition]]=== Operators ===* : <source lang=apl inline>∘</source> [[Bind]], [[Compose]];* <source lang=apl inline>⍤</source> [[Rank operator|Rank]];* <source lang=apl inline>⌸</source> [[Key]];* <source lang=apl inline>⌺</source> [[Stencil]];* <source lang=apl inline>⍠</source> [[Variant]]
=== Lambdas ===
* [ Intro]

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