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Learning resources

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|{{quote | "I have long been struck by the contrast between the success with which the adventurous learn APL by simply using it, and the frequent failure of lecture courses to communicate the simplicity and applicability of the language."|[[Ken Iverson]]. ''A Working Introduction to APL'', 1981.}}
== Introductions ===== For non-programmers ===
Some of the best resources for somebody new to APL and programming in general are:
If you get stuck, don't hesitate to ask your questions in the [[APL Orchard]] chat room.
=== For non-APL programmers ===
This is a list of tutorials and other resources of interest to someone who knows about programming or is familiar with another programming language, but wants to learn more about APL.
=== For novice APLers ===
If you already have a fair grasp of APL's [[primitive functions]] and [[primitive operators|operators]], you can sharpen your skills by challenging yourself with these:
* [ APL Problem Solving Competition]s — Try to solve past years' problems.
=== For old APLers ===
* [[Modern APL for old APLers]]

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