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Learning resources

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== For non-APL programmers ==
This is a list of tutorials and other resources of interest to someone who knows about programming or is familiar with another programming language, but wants to learn more about APL. * [ Stack Exchange Lessons]* [ TryAPL]* [ LearnXinYminutes]* [I am Fear and Loathing with APL Learn APL in 10 minutes]* [ APL in 20 Minutes]* [ A Short Intro to APL]* [ programmer but new to -programming-language-5f374e4abae5 Let's Learn A Programming Language]* [ APLWiki list of Books and Publications]* [ Mastering Dyalog APL]* [ GitHub repository]* [ Tutorial]* [ Trying APL - Basic APL snippets demonstrating function and operator behaviour]* [ Artificial Neural Networks on the Raspberry Pi]* [ FizzBuzz in APL] [[Category:Lists]]
== For novice APLers ==
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