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Nikolay Georgiev Nikolov, also known by the username ngn, is the creator of ngn/apl and ngn/k, and a former employee of Dyalog Ltd.

Nickolov began programming in high school and participated in the International Collegiate Programming Contest. After discovering APL, he began work on a Javascript implementation of the language. First published in 2011, ngn/apl eventually attracted the attention of Dyalog Ltd., who hired him in January 2014.[1] At Dyalog, he worked on the interpreter implementation and the cross-platform RIDE session environment. Nickolov left Dyalog in 2016.

Nickolov now develops ngn/k; he published its source code in 2019.

On the 27th of December 2020, Nickolov announced the deletion of his ngn/apl project on the APL Orchard chat room. It is now archived on Adám Brudzewsky's github account as ngn-apl.

Nickolov participates in the APL Orchard as ngn.


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