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== External links ==
== External links ==

[ VisualAPL topics] on [[APLDN]]
[ VisualAPL topics] on the [[APL2000|APLDN]]

{{APL dialects}}[[Category:APL dialects]][[Category:Nested array languages]][[Category:.NET]]
{{APL dialects}}[[Category:APL dialects]][[Category:Nested array languages]][[Category:.NET]]

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Visual APL, also known as APLNext, was an attempt by APL2000 at creating an implementation of APL based on the Microsoft .NET framework, designed to make APL available to mainstream programmers by being fully integrated into Visual Studio, the (then) foremost IDE for .NET based development on Windows. This meant a lot of changes to traditional aspects of APL programming, like having a workspace, and avoiding all reserved words. VisualAPL supported the intermingling of C# and APL code.

Much like Dyalog Ltd.'s similar project, APL#, it quickly fizzled. It was released in 2009 and the last news about it were published in 2011.

External links

VisualAPL topics on the APLDN

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