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== Contact ==
== Contact ==
* '''Github''': [ mlliarm]
* '''Twitter''': @mlliarm_v2_0
* '''Discord''': milia#0919
* '''Discord''': milia#0919
* '''Email''': mlliarm AT yandex DOT com
* '''Email''': mlliarm AT yandex DOT com

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Early years at Crete (approx. 2000-2002)


Michail Liarmakopoulos (Μιχάλης Λιαρμακόπουλος) is an aspiring Greek mathematician and informatician, born at Marousi in 1981.


  • APL/J is fun and the APL/J community is very friendly, open-minded and extremely talented.
  • He firmly believes that APL/J is a great tool to teach mathematics and in general to reason with.
  • All the cool kids coded in APL: Ken, Roger, Greg, Rob, Ken T..



  • His hometown is Patras, a nice city in south-west Greece on the Peloponnese.
  • Spent the most important years of his life at the island of Crete where he studied physics at a bachelors' level. Returned back to Patras to get a masters in computational maths.
  • On late December of 2019 he got a job offer from Webhelp Spain, and moved to Barcelona, Catalonia along with his partner and their cat.


  • He likes reading books.
  • Most Greek friends call him Μιχάλη and most non Greek friends call him Mike.
  • Influenced by: Λογοθέτης, Χρύσα, Πάνος, Νάνσυ, θ. Ηλίας, κα Βάσω, κ. Νίκος, κ. Ταξιάρχης, κ. Ιωσήφ, κ. Χρήστος, κ. Ηλίας, κ. Νίκος Π., κ. Ξενοφών, «Θεός», κ. Γρηγόρης, Παντελής, Κόρακας, Μπλακ, dsp, p. Julian, Βασίλης, κ. Όμηρος, κα. Θεοδούλα, κ. Παναγιώτης, κ. Κοσμάς, TaiPanagiotis, and many many more.


  • Twitter: @mlliarm_v2_0
  • Discord: milia#0919
  • Email: mlliarm AT yandex DOT com