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== Name ==
== Name ==
* Most Greek friends call him [ Μιχάλη] and most non Greek friends call him Mike.
* Most Greek friends call him [ Μιχάλη] and most non Greek friends call him Mike.
* In Spanish "Michail" is pronounced [ "Mitsael"], which he finds pretty funny and uses it when he has to introduce himself to a local.

== Contact ==
== Contact ==

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Early years at Crete (approx. 2000-2002)


Michail Liarmakopoulos (Μιχάλης Λιαρμακόπουλος) is a Greek mathematician and an (aspiring) computer scientist, born at Marousi, Greece on 1981.


APL is fun and the APL community is very friendly and open-minded.

He firmly believes that APL is a great tool to teach mathematics and in general to reason with.


  • In his free time he enjoys going out with good friends trying out the local cuisine, reading books in English or Greek and Wikipedia lemmas in languages where he's still at a level ∊ ]A0, A1[, such as: Español, Catalá, French, Русский, but which he'd love to learn bit by bit, expanding thus the interval to the semi-closed interval ]A0, A1].
  • Finally, he loves diving every day deeper and deeper in APL, as well as creating small programming projects that combine not so widely used languages (Scheme, Prolog, APL, J, PARI/GP) that solve some weird problem in mathematics or physics.


  • Spent the most important years of his life at the island of Crete where he studied Physics at a bachelors' level and graduated at 2010.
  • After a short trip in Europe during the period 2011-2013 he returned to Patras. There he studied Mathematics at a masters' level and after that he got a job at InSyBio, a bioinformatics startup as a scientific python developer.



  • Most Greek friends call him Μιχάλη and most non Greek friends call him Mike.