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During APL86 at age 1

Adám Gall Brudzewsky is a lifelong APL programmer and the creator of Extended Dyalog APL and APLcart. An employee of Dyalog Ltd., Brudzewsky has made several contributions to the Dyalog APL language in addition to his work on components of the interpreter written in APL such as user commands.

Brudzewsky was taught APL by his father, and preferred it to mathematical notation as a student. He was hired by Dyalog Ltd. in May 2015[1], and worked closely with Dan Baronet[2]. Brudzewsky quickly had an impact on the langauge, suggesting the Nest (), or Enclose if Simple, primitive[3] and later working to design Dyalog's array notation.

Since creating it in 2018, Brudzewsky maintains Extended Dyalog APL, a cover over Dyalog APL which uses APL models to extend existing primitives and implement new ones. The extensions include both functionality taken from other APLs and new functionality, and are sometimes adopted by Dyalog or dzaima/APL. The Constant operator appeared first in Extended Dyalog, as did the versions of Atop () and Over () later implemented by Dyalog (Brudzewsky's changes relative to Sharp APL were to exchange the glyphs, and remove the concept of close composition). dzaima/APL has adopted Extended Dyalog's Pair (), Select (), and Reverse Compose ().

Brudzewsky is active on the APL Orchard as well as Stack Exchange's Code golf site. Because of his participation in these sites he was involved in Dyalog's hiring of interns Marinus Oosters[4], Will Robertson, and Rodrigo Girão Serrão, as well as employee Nathan Rogers[5].


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