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=== Documentation ===
=== Documentation ===
* [http://help.dyalog.com/latest/index.htm#Language/Primitive%20Functions/Multiply.htm Dyalog]
* [https://help.dyalog.com/latest/index.htm#Language/Primitive%20Functions/Multiply.htm Dyalog]
* [http://microapl.com/apl_help/ch_020_020_060.htm APLX]
* [http://microapl.com/apl_help/ch_020_020_060.htm APLX]
* J [https://www.jsoftware.com/help/dictionary/d110.htm Dictionary], [https://code.jsoftware.com/wiki/Vocabulary/star#dyadic NuVoc] (as <source lang=j inline>*</source>)
{{APL built-ins}}[[Category:Primitive functions]][[Category:Scalar dyadic functions]]
{{APL built-ins}}[[Category:Primitive functions]][[Category:Scalar dyadic functions]]

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This page describes the dyadic arithmetic function. For sign of a single argument, see Signum.

Times (×), Multiply, or Product is a dyadic scalar function which gives the arithmetic product of its arguments. Times shares the glyph × with the monadic arithmetic function Signum.


A long, slow way to write !10, assuming ⎕IO1:



Multiplication is commutative and associative, but, due to floating point error, may result in small differences between mathematically equivalent expressions.

The identity element for Times is 1.


Reduction with Multiply gives the product of the whole list.

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