Timeline of APL dialects

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This page lists programming languages that are broadly compatible with APL\360 by date of release (that is, when they became available to a significant portion of the public).

Year Dialects
1966 APL\360 internal IBM release
1968 APL\1130, APL\360
1970 APL*PLUS, APL\5500
1971 APL/700 (approximate date)
1973 APL.SV
1974 APL 5100, MCM/70
1976 VS APL, SHARP APL, APL\3000, APL\11
1981 NARS
1983 Dyalog APL, APL.68000 (approximate date)
1984 APL2
1985 A
1988 A+
1989 I-APL
1993 SAX
1995 APL+Win
1998 OpenAPL
2002 APLX
2004 Rowan
2006 NARS2000
2009 VisualAPL
2010 APL#
2011 ngn/apl
2013 GNU APL
2014 Co-dfns
2018 April, dzaima/APL, APL\iv, Extended Dyalog APL
2020 KAP
APL dialects [edit]
Maintained APL+WinAPL2APL64APL\ivApletteAprilCo-dfnsDyalog APLDyalog APL Visiondzaima/APLGNU APLKAPNARS2000Pometo
Historical A Programming LanguageA+ (A) ∙ APL#APL\360APL/700APL\1130APL\3000APL.68000APL*PLUSAPL.jlAPL.SVAPLXExtended Dyalog APLIverson notationIVSYS/7090NARSngn/aplopenAPLOperators and FunctionsPATRowanSAXSHARP APLRationalized APLVisualAPL (APLNext) ∙ VS APLYork APL
Derivatives AHPLBQNCoSyELIGleeIIvyJJellyJellyfishK (Goal, Klong, Q) ∙ KamilaLispLang5NialRADUiua
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