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Possible cuts

The reduced version is smaller but still pretty difficult to navigate. I think the following languages could be cut without any important loss:

  • dzaima/BQN is just another BQN implementation.
  • RAD and Rowan are very obscure and not all that APL-like. As is I; the only reason to keep it would be BQN influence.
  • No reason to separate A and A+. I think this actually cuts a level of depth from the tree.
  • Dyalog's page says it's influenced by SHARP, not SAX; SAX's page should probably be changed.
  • PPL and Speakeasy are pretty obscure, and not needed to explain APL's influence on S and MATLAB.

On the other hand, IDL is strongly influenced by APL and is common in many scientific fields. Maybe it should be included.