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Nested bitmaps comment by LdBeth

I love the bitmap style font used in this logo, and this one comes with many variations. Might be great if combined with the dot halftone style logo used for APL Wiki.

Parallel lines comment by RGS

The “parallel lines” logo is very hard to read and it's hard to understand that there's an “APL” written in there. In general, I would go for things that are easy to read.

Display matrix comment by PaulMansour (talk)

This is an excellent starting point, but rather than the exact output of the DISPLAY function, a good graphic designer could stylize it a bit, perhaps removing some white space, a little kerning on the letters, some color, etc.

Cube apple comment by Ros (talk)

Stylistically, I like this logo the best - but it is my least preferred option: for me, it is too reminiscent of the Dyalog application logo to be a general and independent APL logo. Ros (talk) 09:17, 8 October 2021 (UTC)

Script apple comment by Fiona

Although I rather like the "hollow" version of this, Dyalog Ltd have already adopted a slight variation of this for use as the APL Seeds logo (user meetings, events and information specifically for new APLers) – see here for an example and the detail makes it harder to shrink. The filled version is slightly more reminiscent of a bell pepper than an apple to me – I prefer the shape of the (otherwise similar) 50 Years one further down the page.

Cube apple comment by Fiona (talk)

I like the cube representation and its array implications but it's maybe a tad too similar to the Dyalog product logo. I really dislike the text – on first impression it looked odd, and when realising that it's APL glyphs instead of letters it just seemed a bit of an inside joke that might alienate those who are not in the know.

Parallel lines comment by Fiona (talk)

This might appeal to those who have fond memories of the rather brilliant book, but it looks very dated, is hard to read unless you already know what it said, wouldn't render well when small, and wouldn't work in black-and-white.