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{{Built-in|Commute|⍨}} is a [[monadic operator]] that takes a [[dyadic function]] as operand and modifies how the argument(s) of its derived functions are used. If the derived function is used monadically, the argument is also used as left argument. This usage is also known as '''Self''' or, more informally, '''Selfie'''. If the derived function is used dyadically, the arguments are swapped. This usage is also known as '''Swap'''. The [[glyph]] is also used for [[Commute]]. == Examples == This decrements from the vector:<source lang=apl> 1 -⍨ 1 2 30 1 2</source>{{Works in|[[Dyalog APL]], [[dzaima/APL]], [[NARS2000]]}}Double:<source lang=apl> +⍨1 2 32 4 6</source>{{Works in|[[Dyalog APL]], [[dzaima/APL]], [[NARS2000]]}} == External links == === Lessons === * [ APL Cultivation] === Documentation === * [ Language/Primitive%20Operators/Commute.htm Dyalog] {{APL built-ins}}[[Category:Primitive operators]][[Tilde DiaeresisCategory:Composition operators]]

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