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There are a few APL dialects available to download for free without feature limitations, and most of these can be tried online without installing anything.

Dialect Documentation Download Try It Online or similar Interactive
APLX[1] APLX Archive APLX Archive
Dyalog APL Centre website TIOATOAPLgolf Gitpod ∙ Jupyter Notebook: Binder, Gitpod
dzaima/APL docs GitHub TIOATOAPLgolf Android app
Extended Dyalog APL ReadMe GitHub TIOAPLgolf
GNU APL info manual Riju
Kap readme Codeberg JS Client
NARS2000 wiki website
ngn/apl[2] GitHub TIODSO ScriptedSessionReplit
TryAPL[3] Help and About GitHub APLgolf TryAPL.orgTryAPL Mini

Other full-featured implementations are only available for a fee.

Dialect Documentation Website
APL2[4][5] Literature IBM Marketplace
APL2000 website

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  1. MicroAPL has withdrawn APLX from commercial sale but it can be downloaded free of charge.
  2. Nick Nickolov has abandoned ngn/apl, but it is available to use and modify.
  3. A restricted subset of Dyalog APL, available via an API.
  4. IBM offers a free older version, limited to 240 CPU minutes but otherwise fully featured.
  5. IBM has withdrawn APL2, but the product has been taken over by Log-On Software.

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