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* [http://www.sigapl.org/articles.php Articles] and [http://www.sigapl.org/APLChronology.php APL Chronology] (timeline with links) from [[SIGAPL]]
* [http://www.sigapl.org/articles.php Articles] and [http://www.sigapl.org/APLChronology.php APL Chronology] (timeline with links) from [[SIGAPL]]
* [http://ed-thelen.org/comp-hist/APL-hist.html A Personal History of APL] by Michael S. Montalbano
* [http://ed-thelen.org/comp-hist/APL-hist.html A Personal History of APL] by Michael S. Montalbano
* [[File: 1_The_Derivative_Revisited.pdf]] [[Mike Powell]]
* [[User:Mdpowell| Machine Learning papers by Mike Powell]]
A fresh look at Ken Iverson's 1979 paper "The Derivative Operator".
* [[File: 2_The_Derivative_Rules.pdf]] [[Mike Powell]]
In 1979 Ken Iverson wrote a paper on the derivative as part of the ACM APL Conference. That paper included a section summarizing the rules for the derivatives of compound formulations such as f×g. His summary omits the derivation of these rules. This article aims to restate these rules in more modern notation and provide derivations for Iverson's results.
* [[File: 3_Machine_Learning.pdf]] [[Mike Powell]]
This tutorial  explores the pattern recognition model for handwritten digits using data from the Modified National Institute of Standards and Technology database. It focuses on deriving the analytic gradients in APL and establishing them as part of the back propagation algorithm.
* [[File: 4_The_Handwritten_Digits_Model.pdf]] [[Mike Powell]]
This tutorial explores how to estimate the parameters of the handwritten digits model. It does so using an interactive session. The objective is to explore how to conduct an estimation rather than to find the absolute best search algorithm.
{{APL community}}
{{APL community}}

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This is a list of repositories of external papers, as well as stand-alone papers not part of a collection.

Eventually, they should be categorised.

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