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Klong is a language based on K (probably K3) which removes K's syntactic ambiguity and much of its overloading by using more digraphs (primitive functions and operators composed of two characters) to separate extra meanings. The removal of syntactic ambiguity means Klong has a context-free grammar.


Klong documentation refers to primitive functions ("verbs" in K) as "operators".

Operator Monadic Dyadic
+ Transpose Plus
- Negate Minus
* First Times
% Reciprocal Divide
:% Integer-Divide
| Reverse Max/Or
:+ Rotate
& Expand/Where Min/And
^ Shape Power
:^ Reshape
! Enumerate Remainder
< Grade-Up Less
> Grade-Down More
= Group Equal
~ Not Match
@ Atom Index/Apply
:@ Index-in-Depth
? Range Find
, List (like Enclose) Join (like Catenate)
_ Floor Drop
:_ Undefined Cut
:# Char Split (Partition by lengths)
# Size Take
$ Format Format2
:= Amend
:- Amend-in-Depth
:: Define
:$ Form
Adverb Definition
f'a Each
a f'b Each2
a f:\b Each-Left
a f:/b Each-Right
f:'b Each-Pair
f/a Over
a f/b Over-Neutral
f:~a Converge
a f:~b While
a f:*b Iterate
f\a Scan-Over
a f\b Scan-Over-Neutral
f\~a Scan-Converging
a f\~a Scan-While
a f\*a Scan-Iterating

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