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Jsoftware has held several irregularly scheduled conferences for the J community as well as APL and K programmers.

J User Conference 1996

Iverson Software, Inc.'s first conference was held at the University of Toronto, June 24–25th, 1996, with an attendance of 123.[1] Papers were published in the J User Conference Proceedings.[2] The following papers are available on Jsoftware's website:


J2000 was held in Toronto, October 4–6th 2000.[3]


J2001 was held in New York City, October 18–19 2001.[4]

Jsoftware Conference 2012

The 2012 Jsoftware conference (website) was held in Toronto, July 23–24th 2012.

Presenter Presentation
Jsoftware team Opening session
Chris Burke J7 Overview and J iPhone / iPad
Michael Dykman Android J - Native Build from GPL Source
Eric Iverson JD (JDB+) announcement
Roger Hui J GPL Source Overview
Simon Garland same difference
Arthur Whitney kOS
Henry Rich Teaching J to High School Students
Thomas Costigliola GPU Programming with J and OpenCL
Pepe Quintana Tacit Programming in Action: A Decade of Experience
Anssi Seppälä J in power market applications
Christoph von Basum Interactive JDB - Analyzing Software Quality Metrics
David Leibs Escaping from a Groove
Catherine Lathwell APL Array Programming Language Family Documentary
Joey Tuttle Memories and Musings of J
Marshall Lochbaum Image processing in J
Devon McCormick Parallel Simulation in J
John Baker Writing Portable J Addons
Morten Kromberg Exciting Times for APL (pdf)
Gitte Christensen The Business of APL
John Scholes Dyalog Adoption of J Ideas
Bob Bernecky Compiled J
Cliff Reiter The story of Fractals, Visualization and J
John Randall Topological Approximations from Point Clouds
J. Patrick Harrington Prototyping Problems in Astrophysics with J
Ric Sherlock Documenting J Scripts (pdf)
Dave Thomas Arrays for the Rest of Us
Jsoftware team Closing comments

Jsoftware Conference 2014

The 2014 Jsoftware conference (website) was held in Toronto, July 24–25th 2014.

Presenter Presentation
Jsoftware team Opening session
Chris Burke J802 and Jqt overview
Robert Therriault Jsoftware.com: An Ecology of Learning?
Morten Kromberg and Jay Foad Dyalog for Array Language Programmers
Eric Iverson JHS and Jd
David Leibs Blocks
Dave Thomas
Arthur Whitney kOS
Anssi Seppälä Developing Perfect Energy Data Management with J
J. Patrick Harrington Does J have a Place in Scientific Computing?
Christoph von Bassum J in Application Programming
Stephen Taylor Software Aesthetics
Simon Garland Keep a Benchmark in your Rucksack
Joey Tuttle 25 years walking with J
Tracy Harms Speaking of J
John Baker JD Bitcoin Blockchain Spelunking
Chris Burke kdb+ introduction
Raul Miller J Observations
Morten Kromberg Raspberry APL Pies
Ken Lettow Jd at !ThomasNet
Thomas Costigliola Experimenting with Concurrency in the J Interpreter
Devon McCormick Array Thinking
Cliff Reiter J in the Mathematics Classroom
Marshall Lochbaum Using Data as Code
Jordan Tirrell Enumerative Combinatorics - Multivariate Power Series
Michael Feathers Ruby and J
Roger Hui Index Of, A 30 Year Quest
Jsoftware team Closing session


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