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The Dyalog webinar is a webcast presented by Dyalog Ltd. It usually lasts between a half and one hour and features presentations mainly by employees of Dyalog, while viewers of the live stream can participate via moderated chat. Subjects range from announcements of upcoming features to tutorials on various technical subjects.

Webinars by year

The schedule is approximately monthly, but is usually interrupted during holidays and after each Dyalog user meeting when instead user meeting presentations are released in weekly batches.


No. Date Presenter(s) Title
1 18 May 2017 Richard Smith and Morten Kromberg Something Old, Something New, Something Experimental
2 29 Jun 2017 Morten Kromberg Celebrating the release of Dyalog 16.0 and RIDE 4.0
3 27 Jul 2017 Morten Kromberg and John Scholes A closer look at the new primitives in version 16.0
4 17 Aug 2017 Marinus Oosters, Becca Murray and Stephanie Buettner Summer Intern Show
5 26 Oct 2017 Adám Brudzewsky APL CodeGolf Autumn Tournament
6 7 Dec 2017 Morten Kromberg and Brian Becker Source Code Management with GitHub and APL


No. Date Presenter(s) Title
7 11 Jan 2018 Morten Kromberg Microservices in Dyalog APL
8 15 Feb 2018 Adám Brudzewsky and Morten Kromberg Namespace-Directory Synchronisation
9 22 Mar 2018 Jay Foad and Adám Brudzewsky Total Array Ordering
10 19 Apr 2018 Morten Kromberg APL Processes and Isolates in the Cloud
11 17 May 2018 Adám Brudzewsky Creating and managing your own User Commands
12 21 Jun 2018 Morten Kromberg Acquiring Data from the Internet using HttpCommand, ⎕JSON and ⎕XML
13 16 Aug 2018 Brian Becker Cross-Platform Charting
14 20 Sep 2018 Adám Brudzewsky Jupyter Notebook support for Dyalog APL


No. Date Presenter(s) Title
15 21 Feb 2019 Jay Foad Adventures in Advent of Code
16 21 Mar 2019 Richard Park TryAPL – The Next Generation
17 25 Apr 2019 Richard Park Introducing the 2019 APL Problem Solving Competition
18 20 Jun 2019 Morten Kromberg Source Code Management with Dyalog v17.1
19 18 Jul 2019 Richard Park Molecular Dynamics in Dyalog APL
20 17 Oct 2019 Richard Park Concluding the 2019 APL Problem Solving Competition
21 21 Nov 2019 Chris Hughes qWC (Cross-platform ⎕WC) – an Introduction and Update


No. Date Presenter(s) Title
22 23 Jan 2020 Richard Park Train Spotting in Dyalog APL
23 20 Feb 2020 Richard Park Fast APL
24 19 Mar 2020 Adám Brudzewsky Progressive set functions
25 16 Apr 2020 Richard Park Selecting from Arrays
26 30 Apr 2020 Morten Kromberg Introducing Dyalog version 18.0
27 14 May 2020 Adám Brudzewsky Language Features of Dyalog version 18.0 in Depth
28 28 May 2020 Richard Park APL and Microsoft Excel
29 11 Jun 2020 Adám Brudzewsky More Language Features of Dyalog version 18.0 in Depth
30 11 Jun 2020 TBA TBA
31 9 Jul 2020 Adám Brudzewsky Even More Language Features of Dyalog version 18.0 in Depth

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