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== External links ==
== External links ==
* [[Wikipedia: Direct function]]
* [[Wikipedia: Direct function]]
* [[Dyalog Ltd.]]'s [[https://dfns.dyalog.com|dfns website]] (created and maintained by John Scholes until his passing)
* [[Dyalog Ltd.]]'s [https://dfns.dyalog.com dfns website] (created and maintained by John Scholes until his passing)
{{APL syntax}}
{{APL syntax}}

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A dfn (pronounced "dee fun") is an alternative way to define a function and operator, invented by John Scholes. A dfn operator can also be called a dop (pronounced "dee op").

As of 2020, dfns are fully implemented in Dyalog APL, NARS2000, ngn/apl, dzaima/APL, and partially in GNU APL.

Wikipedia has a full treatment of dfns.


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