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While written APL is mostly symbolic, facilitating communication of thought across human language barriers, instructional text and verbal conveying of APL subjects requires human language translations of the glyphs and primitives etc. This article attempts to provide a standard for Chinese terminology used in such contexts, to ease the burden of translators, assist speakers, and in general lessen the risk of misunderstandings in conversation.


This list is incomplete. Please edit this page to contribute. The primary English term is the corresponding article name (which should be linked) if an article exists. Use the Discussion page to remark about translations you disagree with, or to provide suggestions for otherwise improving this page. When a translation has historical or external precedent, please add a reference to that.

In the below, 单 refers to 单参数 (monadic usage) and 双 refers to 双参数 (dyadic usage).

Primary term Description Translation Sample Code Explanation
Index Generator Monadic 数列 6 数列6
Index of Dyadic 位置 'abcd' 'ac' 'abcd' 位置 'ac'
Shape Monadic 形状 ⍴⍳6 形状 数列6
Reshape Dyadic 重塑 3 2 6 3 2 重塑 数列6
Split Monadic 拆分 3 2⍴⍳6 拆分 3 2 塑形 数列6
Drop Dyadic 去头 2↓⍳6 2 去头 数列6