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Name Platform Description
APL Orchard (Stack Exchange) Stack Exchange Chat room for learning, teaching, asking, golfing and discussing APL, predominantly Dyalog APL.
APL Farm (Discord, Matrix) Matrix/Discord Matrix space; chat rooms about array programming — many of them linked to the corresponding Discord channels.
#apl Libera Chat IRC chat room.
r/apl Reddit Subreddit for talk about APL, J, K/Q and kdb+, and all things that relate to array languages.
r/apljk Reddit Subreddit with less activity, but is exclusively for APL.
comp.lang.apl Google Groups Newsgroup for discussion about APL.
APL Dinosaurs Facebook Primarily for those retired from programming but can't forget their love of APL.


Dialect Name
APL+Win APLDN (APL2000 Developer Network Forum)
APLX Support forum for APLX
Dyalog APL Dyalog Forums
J Mailing Lists
K Shakti Group (on Google Groups)
NARS2000 NARS2000 Forum
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Chat rooms and forums APL FarmAPL Orchard
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