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There are a few blogs with APL as a main subject:

Publisher Title
Dyalog Ltd. Dyalog Blog and DYALOGue Newsletter
Kx Systems Kx Blog
Optima Systems Blog
Aaron Hsu Fastidious Elegance
Paul Mansour Tool of Thought — APL for the Practical Man
Elias Mårtenson DHS Developments Blog
Rodrigo Girão Serrão Mathspp Blog (English); Blogue Mathspp (Portuguese)
Kamila Szewczyk Palaiologos
Moonchild ∘.computer junk APL Study Group
Isaac & Felix Flath APL Exploration
Justin Dowdy Justin's Weblog
Raimon Grau puntoblogspot
Raghu Ranganathan Blog
Brandon Wilson Rigorous Nonsense
Madeline Vergani Approximate Abstractions
Romilly Cocking RAREblog
Dr Jonathan Carroll Irregularly Scheduled Programming
Stefan Kruger Computational Array and Magic

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