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Bind () is a primitive operator. It shares the glyph Jot (<syntaxhighlight lang=apl inline>∘</source>) with Beside; in many dialects the two operators share the name Compose. <syntaxhighlight lang=apl inline>∘</source> means Bind if any operand is an array. Its derived functions can only be called monadically.

Called with an array left operand <syntaxhighlight lang=apl inline>A</source> and function right operand <syntaxhighlight lang=apl inline>g</source>, <syntaxhighlight lang=apl inline>(A∘g) X</source> is equivalent to <syntaxhighlight lang=apl inline>A g X</source>.

Called with a function left operand <syntaxhighlight lang=apl inline>f</source> and array right operand <syntaxhighlight lang=apl inline>B</source>, <syntaxhighlight lang=apl inline>(f∘B) X</source> is equivalent to <syntaxhighlight lang=apl inline>X f B</source>.

Common usage

Bind is used to create a derived function with a single constant argument, particularly in tacit programming: Try it online!<syntaxhighlight lang=apl>

     Inc 1 2 3

2 3 4 </source>

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