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=== APL Seeds '21 ===
=== APL Seeds '21 ===
[https://www.dyalog.com/apl-seeds-user-meetings/aplseeds21.htm APL Seeds '21] will be held online (due to the COVID-19 pandemic) from 9th-10th November 2020.  
[https://www.dyalog.com/apl-seeds-user-meetings/aplseeds21.htm APL Seeds '21] will be held online from 9th-10th March 2021.  
==== Dyalog presentations ====
==== Dyalog presentations ====

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The APL Seeds logo.
This article is about the conference. For the chat lesson series, see APL Orchard#APL Seeds.

APL Seeds is an online conference held by Dyalog Ltd., aimed at new and prospective users of APL. It consists of half a day with brief overviews of the language, introductions to available resources, and demonstrations of cases where APL has been successfully applied. The sessions are recorded and later released on dyalog.tv. Immediately after the final session, there is an informal open discussion room where all can everyone, including non-presenting attendees, can talk.

APL Seeds serves as a a complement to the Dyalog user meeting which is mainly aimed at and attended by existing APL users, especially professionals.

APL Seeds '21

APL Seeds '21 will be held online from 9th-10th March 2021.

Dyalog presentations

  • D01: Welcome to APL Seeds '21, Gitte Christensen, Managing Director (CEO)
  • D02: Will You Play APL With Me?, Rodrigo Gerrão Serrão

User Presentations

  • U01: How an APL Prototype Helped Designing a Service, Martin Janiczek, GWI (Czech Republic)
  • U02: Algorithms as a Tool of Thought, Conor Hoekstra, Nvidia (Canada)
  • U03: Simulation and Gaming with APL, Tomas Gustafsson, Stormwind Ab Oy (Finland)

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