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The APL Orchard is a Stack Exchange chat room dedicated to learn and teach APL, and to ask and answer questions about both golfing and general coding in APL. It began on January 24, 2017, and remains the most active APL chat room today.

From October 18, 2017 until May 16 2018, Adám Brudzewsky ran a series of 29 live 90-minute study sessions which became known as APL Cultivation. They cover most aspects of basic APL programming. Transcripts are available.

Chat bot

The room features a chat bot which can evaluate single lines of APL. To use it, prefixed a chat message by . Use instead for boxed display and multi-line results and use instead to silence the first statement, after which subsequent statements must use to output. Use ] to prefix user commands (without or ), including e.g. ]help for help on the glyph etc. Do not use markdown, but fixed-width (4 or more initial spaces, which can be inserted by pressing Ctrl+K) is fine. This also ensures proper rendering with monospace font and avoids interpretation of APL symbols as markdown.

Only a few special system commands are available: )lb for language bar, )docs for full documentation, )ref for a link to the PDF reference card, )idioms for a link to a searchable idiomatic expressions list.


While anyone can read the conversations, write access requires 20 Stack Exchange reputation points or having ben granted explicit write access by a moderator. The procedure for getting explicit write is as follows:

  1. Go to the chat room
  2. Click the giant lower-left avatar
  3. Click "user profile"
  4. Copy the URL of the page that opens (e.g. "https://chat.stackexchange.com/users/123456/johndoe")
  5. Email that URL to support@dyalog.com

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