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The APL Implementer's Workshop (briefly APL Futures Workshop) is an event started by Garth Foster in 1969 for APL implementers to share information and discuss language design. The conference has no official name; while it may be called the APL Implementer's Conference or APL Implementer's Workshop, it is often known simply as "Minnowbrook" after the name of the conference center at Syracuse University where it is usually held. Since 2011, the conference has been held at Minnowbrook on every odd-numbered year. Attendance is by invitation, with between 20 and 50 participants: the Minnowbrook conference center holds at most 64.[1]

After most conferences an attendee publishes a short and informal article with notes on which topics were discussed and other events that took place. Detailed minutes are not kept and no proceedings are published. However, presenters may publish separately: Bob Smith keeps papers for his presentations since 2010 on his APL Projects page.

Year Organizer Location Reference
1969 Garth Foster Minnowbrook SHARE*APL\360 No. 3 "APL Workshop"
1973 Garth Foster Minnowbrook [2]
1976 Queen's University Kingston, Ontario [2]
1977 Garth Foster Minnowbrook [2]
1979 Queen's University Asilomar, Pacific Grove, CA [2]
1980 Garth Foster Minnowbrook [2]
1985 Garth Foster Minnowbrook Quote Quad Volume 16 No. 3
1991 Garth Foster Minnowbrook Quote Quad Volume 22 No. 2
1995 Garth Foster Minnowbrook Quote Quad Volume 26 No. 2
1996 Garth Foster Minnowbrook Quote Quad Volume 27 No. 2
1998 Garth Foster Minnowbrook Quote Quad Volume 28 No. 2
2007 Roy Sykes Minnowbrook Vector journal Volume 23 No. 3
2010 Roy Sykes Minnowbrook Vector journal Volume 25 No. 1
2011 Roy Sykes Minnowbrook [3]
2013 Roy Sykes Minnowbrook Vector journal Volume 26 No. 2
2015 Roy Sykes Minnowbrook [3]
2017 Roy Sykes Minnowbrook BAA
2019 Roy Sykes Minnowbrook
2021 cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic
2023 TBD Minnowbrook


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