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  • After being extremely hooked with Dyalog APL and the awesome and super friendly APL community over The APL Orchard and The APL Farm, I've decided yesterday 2021-11-30 to create a community in Barcelona.
  • It is, as far as I know, the first APL community all over España.
  • The meetings will be in the English language, so that everyone from this multicultural city will be able to take part, plus to better our English language skills.
  • Until we're safe, all (3) meetings will take place online.
  • When this pandemic is over there will be one local (in Barcelona) meetup once per 4 weeks, and two more online meetups held every 2-3 weeks.


  • I firmly believe that the world must know of APL and the array family of programming languages. The time is ripe.
  • Likewise, the world has to know about Ken and his friends. The reason they're not widely known nowdays is because, imho, they were way too ahead of their time.
  • I love sharing anything related to the intersection of Mathematics and Programming. APL is exactly that.
  • I have the feeling that APL will be the next big thing in computing in the following 5-10 years.
  • A friendly community with alike minded people having common goals will help everyone flourish even under the extreme conditions of the current pandemic.

Theme song

  • «Ατομική μου ενέργεια» ("My nuclear power" or/and "My personal action"), from this Greek song. Composer: Thanos Mikroutsikos, Singers: Dimitra Galani, Dimitris Mitropanos.
  • Meaning: Pretty much an hymn to the platonic realm of ideas, and thus mathematics and APL. The singers get suffocated under the materialistic world that we all are living into and ask to be raised higher to see the real world of the Platonic [Forms]. I guess one cannot escape their daily dose of philosophy when dealing with Greeks.

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