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APL/700' was an APL implementation by wikipedia:Burroughs Corporation for their B6700/B7700 line of mainframe computers. The language was mostly identical to that of APL\360 and its successors, but differed in a few details:

  • The statement separator was a semicolon (;) rather than the conventional diamond ¨ and statements in such a so-called list were evaluated from right to left, much as if the semicolon was the Left identity function ().
  • In primitive pairs with both a last and first axis version, for example / vs and vs , the first axis version would use the function axis syntax to indicate the applicable axis counted from the last axis rather than from the first axis. For example [1] was equivalent to just like [1] was equivalent to .
  • While in general reduction using scalar functions were supported by for arrays of a compatible data type (numeric or character), =/ and / did not support character data.
  • APL/700 included modified assignment, but the pass-through value was the new value of the updated array.
  • More set functions were included than even modern APLs have. In particular and were Subset and Superset, though not strict subset and superset, but rather as {/(,a)(,)} and {/(,)(,)}. Further-more, all the set functions except for Membership were defined in terms of the ravel of the arguments, and thus always returned a vector.