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Future Enhancements

Don't hesitate to add your wishes here.

Both ListServerProjects and ListProjects now take a projectname as rarg. It's a bit of indirection but it further relates the two methods and lists the contents of the corresponding server or library of the stated project. -- PhilLast 2014-09-20 14:26:41

Version History

2.0.24 from 2015-11-30

2.0.21 from 2015-06-10

2.0.19 from 2015-04-22

2.0.18 from 2015-04-10

three shared methods:

  1. DownloadAsOf downloads an historical snapshot of a public project.

  2. RenameProject renames a project either locally or publicly.

  3. CopyProject makes a copy of a project with a new name either locally or publicly.

all require the user already to have a local version of the project in question.

2.0.17 from 2015-03-10

2.0.16 from 2015-01-19

2.0.15 from 2015-01-08

2.0.14 from 2015-01-01

2.0.13 from 2014-12-20

2.0.8 from 2014-10-27

2.0.6 from 2014-10-20

2.0.0 from 2014-09-20

acre will soon become available for download from the APL wiki.


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