The code management system acre

/!\ At present an Acre Server requires the client to use Dyalog 15.0.
In the long run we intend to support the same versions Dyalog does support.


Do you want...

If so then acre is for you. But be warned: once you’ve started working with it you won’t want to go back. Ever.

Watch acre in action

PhilLast and KaiJaeger have given a presentation on acre at the Dyalog conference 2014 in Eastbourne / South England.

How to get it (download)

Acre is a simple and small namespace that contains all the code. It was written by PhilLast on behalf of Carlisle Group in order to support the international development team of FlipDB.

Acre is free even for commercial usage, although the license under which it is provided has some limitations. See AcreLicense for details.

To take full advantage of its power you also need an AcreServer running somewhere, typically in the cloud. Acre Server is owned by Carlisle Group. Luckily Carlisle have agreed to offer a free version of the Acre Server as well. It is a fully fledged relational database management system written in Dyalog that supports all the functionality required by acre. Acre Server is available for download from its home page.

Go to download page

How to start using acre

  1. Create a folder on your machine that will function as your project library. We will assume that the name will be Foo\.
  2. Download the file from this page.
  3. Move the contents of that zip file into Foo\.

    • At this stage you have 4 folders and one file in your project folder Foo\:
    • Acre\
    • acre.ini
    • Conga\
    • APLTreeUtils\
    • APLTreeHelp\
  4. Fire up an instance of Dyalog 14.1 or better.
  5. Load the workspace "Foo/acre/acre.dws".

At this stage you can start using acre. Ask for advice with


You can also download any member of the APLTree project with acre. The INI file contains the necessary pieces of information for this:

ipaddress  =   ⍝ was once
portnumber = 59753
username   = default
password   = default

For example, try this:


Using acre with a backend repository

In order to take full advantage of acre you need to have an acre repository running somewhere. See the page AcreServer for details.

History of acre

Acre was originally developed to support the international FlipDB development team. From 2008 it was used to manage the FlipDB project.

In 2014 Carlisle Group, the owner of acre, decided to provide acre as a free tool to the APL community via the APL Wiki. In September 2014 all the APLTree projects were converted into acre projects. That has not changed the way people can download such projects from the wiki, but it has changed the way developers are expected to cooperate while working on an APLTree project.

See TheAPLTreeProjectAndAcre for details.

Project page

Link to the acre project page

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