Working Practices - Chris Hogan

My working practices have been formed by interest in Software Engineering (I said interest in, not belief in), agile methods (even before the term "agile" was applied to software development) and an awfully long time enhancing and supporting our APL-based dealing system 4xtra.

My aim is to be both productive and "lazy" - I don't want to keep on reinventing the wheel, not do I wish to have to do anything which distracts me from solving the particular problem I'm working on.

To this end I'm used to deploying a framework within which I try to do most of my development. 4xtra grew to have a considerable number of tools & I've become comfortable using their more modern descendants, but even in my early days I used the RX Skeleton (a framework developed by Phil Gray, Stan Wilkinson & others) & then tools produced at Allan D'Morias & Associates, where Stan, Marc Griffiths & I worked together for a good number of years.

So what did I pick up?

OK, enough background. What to I actually do?

General Points


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