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WinZip was once a part of the CategoryAplTree project before it was suspended in September 2016.

The reason is that it does not behave when installed under a modern Windows system: it retires some OS-system DLLs, and it does not even bring them back when un-installed. In other words. it compromises a Windows system. See SevenZip as an alternative.


Note that WinZip issues an error when you pass something like this with the flag to preserve the directory structure:


According to the company behind WinZip this is nit a bug but by design. Therefore WinZip will issue a DOMAIN ERROR if you have to files with the same name in your list of files to be zipped.


The class "WinZip" relies on an installed version of WinZip and the command line extension. If both are installed on your machine then will will have the two executables WZZIP.EXE (for zipping) and WZUNZIP.EXE (for unzipping) somewhere, typically in C:\Program Files (x86)\WinZip.

The class makes it very easy to zip as well as unzip stuff.


Zip all files in C:\MyFolder\ recursively into

 (rc more)←#.WinZip.Create 'C:\MyFolder\*' ''

Zip two files nto

(rc more)←#.WinZip.Create ('C:\file1' 'C:\file2') 'C:\MyZipFile'

Unpack C:\ into C:\MyUnzippedFiles\:

 (rc more)←#.WinZip.Extract 'C:\' 'C:\MyUnzippedFiles\'

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