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 * '''General Chair:''' Guy Larocque
 * '''Program Chair:''' Lynne Shaw
 * '''Publicity Chair:''' Mike Kent
 * '''Treasurer:''' [mailto:steve@shrogers.com Steve Rogers]

Arrays and Objects: APL 2007


21-23 October 2007

Mark your calendars! In cooperation with [http://oopsla.org OOPSLA], SIGAPL is planning a day of tutorials and two days of talks and panels on classic APL, other Array Programming Languages, object oriented extensions to APL, and implementing array programming in object oriented languages. The official Call for Participation is comming soon. Let us know what you'd like to see in the comments section below.

  • General Chair: Guy Larocque

  • Program Chair: Lynne Shaw

  • Publicity Chair: Mike Kent

  • Treasurer: [mailto:steve@shrogers.com Steve Rogers]


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