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 * [[http://www.kx.com|Kx Systems]] sells '''K''' and '''Q''', blends of APL and Lisp.  * [[http://www.kx.com|Kx Systems]] sells '''K''' and '''Q''', blends of APL (mostly) and Lisp (a bit).


Different vendors provide different implementations of APL. (Your mileage will definitely vary.)

  • APL2000 offers subscriptions for APL+Win, APL+Linux, APL+Unix and VisualAPL

  • Dyalog sells Dyalog APL

  • GNU APL a free, Open Source, almost complete implementation of ISO standard 13751

  • IBM sells IBM APL2

  • Jsoftware gives away J, an APL completely redesigned about 1990.

  • Kx Systems sells K and Q, blends of APL (mostly) and Lisp (a bit).

  • NARS2000 a free Open Source Experimental APL Interpreter

See also WhichApl and AboutApl/AplsAndRelatedLanguages.


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