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LogDog is a simple log file viewer.

It is not designed to view large log files, its purpose is rather to watch the constant changes in a log file. For that new records are automatically added to the bottom, and with auto-scrolling the latest records are always visible.

Of course you can put a stop onto the automated updates if you wish ("Freeze"), and you can also search the log file.




There are different ways in which LogDog can be used:

Using LogDog.exe

Note that rather than specifying a specific log file you can also specify a folder. LogDog will then investigate the folder. If it can find files with the extension ".log" in it then it will start viewing the youngest one. If it cannot find any log files in that folder then it will start a timer and keep watching the folder.

Using the workspace LogDog.dws

Naturally this requires Dyalog APL to be installed on your machine, and it has to be version 15.0.

Project Page

For bug reports, future enhancements and a full version history see LogDog/ProjectPage

APLTree downloads

Using an APLTree member

  1. If you just want to consume (use) an APLTree member then you have several choices:

* Access it via FTP: ftp://ftp.aplwiki.com/APLTree/ with the user ID "anonymous". There is no password needed.

  • Note that accessing it via ftp allows you to download older versions as well while the dedicated download page offers just the most current version.
  • Download any release since the conversion to GitHub (2018-02) from GitHub. You can compile the URL by https://github.com/aplteam/{name}


If you want to contribute to an APLTree project see HowToContributeToTheAPLTreeProject for details.

Get the full project

If for some reason you need access to, say, the test cases then you need to get more then just the script (or application) itself.

HowToContributeToTheAPLTreeProject explains how to get a project onto your local machine. Just ignore any additional steps.

Create a new APLTree sub project

In order to create a new APLTree project you need some advice. Ask KaiJaeger for help: mailto:kai@aplteam.com

Version Information

Original author:

Kai Jaeger


Kai Jaeger




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