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APL uses a variety of symbols to represent its built-in functions. Many of these are symbols that do not exist on a standard keyboard. Some of these will be familiar (for example, ÷ for divide, and for greater-than-or-equal). Others are specific to APL (for example for round-up or greater-of, and for finding out if two arrays are exactly the same in shape and contents).

In order to use APL, you need to be able to enter these symbols.

The exact way of doing so will vary from one APL to another, so the following is only a guide. You should consult the documentation which comes with your version of APL.

Choosing the keyboard layout

Two APL keyboard layouts are quite commonly used, and some APLs support both:

Within these two schemes your APL may also let you choose between different language versions, for example a keyboard layout including all the characters needed to type Danish or French.

Suggestion: If you are learning the APL keyboard, you should check whether your APL includes an on-screen keyboard which you can display for reference purposes.

Other ways of entering APL

Some APLs also include facilities to enter APL characters by choosing from a palette of symbols on screen.


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