Graeme Robertson is an experienced APL consultant and keen educator.

I have been taught to program in APL (A Programming Language) by many of the leading lights, including Dr Ken Iverson, the originator. I have been a member of the British APL Association for over 25 years. I have developed many different APL applications and written two books on APL.

My Rôle in an Organisation

APL is extremely versatile but it is particularly suited to handling large volumes of inherently multidimensional data or data connected through complex logical or mathematical relationships. I can talk directly to users and supply them with APL systems that solve their particular intricate problems. I have many years experience of collaborating directly with users and quickly producing systems tailored to help them with their individual business requirements. My rôle involves analysis, design, programming, documentation, training and ongoing support. I have managed small teams of programmers but usually I work directly for and with the client.

Skills and Abilities

Using Dyalog APL I can communicate very effectively with mainstream Windows applications, such as Word or Excel, via OLE. This requires some knowledge of VBA. I can communicate directly with the Internet via TCP/IP, which requires some knowledge of HTTP and HTML. I can create complete GUI applications using Dyalog APL which harnesses the Windows API, and I can call functions directly from DLLs from within APL applications. I have some experience of DDE, ODBC, SQL and DAO. I have created DLLs and OCXs, and used ASP.NET and the Microsoft .NET Framework. I have given over 60 courses in introductory and advanced APL. I have written significant programs in a number of languages from 8-bit machine code to computer algebra systems, but APL is generally the best one I know of for most business applications. APL now runs under many operating systems such as Windows NT/CE/XP/Vista, Solaris, AIX and Linux, as well as on many mainframe operating systems. I have programmed in all of these environments.

Domains of Knowledge and Expertise

I have been a computer consultant in a wide variety of business areas. I have gained some detailed knowledge of many different fields of professional interest. I have been exposed to multinational accounting calculations, project planning network analysis and resource allocation methods, econometric time-series analysis, Bayesian inference techniques, corporate pension calculations, multidimensional data analysis, set-theoretic techniques for information storage and retrieval, corporate banking aggregation methods and insurance premium triangles. Each new project has its own idiosyncrasies but each also draws on aspects of previous work. I am able effectively to extract the knowledge and information required to construct a working system from the resident expert for whom, often, the system is being built. I also function well as part of the team.

Aims and Objectives

Over 95% of the desktop market is Windows based. I have the necessary skills and experience to negotiate and deliver successful complex information systems on time and within budget on this platform. I am seeking new opportunities to apply this practical knowledge to useful domains of endeavour. I intend to continue fast development of PC-based intelligence and decision support systems of all kinds. However, the Internet now dominates global information communications and a web server is now the preferred platform for many new applications. I intend to produce global dynamic APL web applications of significant value when the opportunities arise.


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