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== APL open source code library ==
 * [[CategoryAplTree | APLTree: an APL Open Source Library]] - Software for many tasks and problems a programmer runs typically into.
 * [[http://download.aplwiki.com/ | Download APLTree stuff]] - Download page for all the APLTree stuff.
 * [[CategoryDyalogUserCommands | UserCommands]] - Third-party user commands for Dyalog.
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== Library — APL code library ==
 * [[CategoryAplTree | APLTree: an APL Open Source Library]]; Download from http://download.aplwiki.com/
 * [[CategoryDyalogUserCommands | UserCommands]] for Dyalog

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This wiki is about the APL Programming Language, one of the oldest (in terms of age) and youngest (in terms of concepts) of all programming languages. It is an interpreted language with built-in array capabilities and outstanding debugging features that makes the language an excellent choice for the agile approach. APL is also the very first functional programming language ever.

If you are curious about APL consider reading Bernard Legrand's excellent article "APL - a Glimpse of Heaven" on Vector.

For news follow us on Twitter; just search for "aplwiki".

APL open source code library

APL in action

Guides — Beginners guides, FAQs etc.

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