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||<style="background-color:#FFFAE8; border:none;" 50%> <<Include(/Column1)>> ||<style="background-color:#FFFAE8; border:none;" 50%> <<Include(/Column2)>> || '''APL in action'''

 * [[CategoryEssays|Essays]] More text than code, these articles help you learn to think in APL
 * [[CategoryPuzzles|Puzzles]] Problems to exhibit & strengthen your APL muscles
 * [[Articles]] A collection of published articles on APL
 * [[BooksAndPublications|Books and publications]]
 * [[Studio]] Basic examples of APL code
 * [[Examples]] and miscellaneous script files
 * [[CategoryShowCases|Show Cases]]

'''Guides''' - Beginners guides, FAQs etc.
 * [[PrimersAndTutorials| Primers and Tutorials]]
 * [[FAQs]] Frequently-asked questions
 * [[CategoryTechnologies|Technologies]] Web, database, interfaces
 * [[General]]

'''Library — APL code library'''
 * [[CategoryAplTree | APLTree: an APL Open Source Library]]
 * [[CategoryDyalogUserCommands | UserCommands]]
 * PhraseBook useful APL expressions you can copy and paste into your programs

'''APL community'''

 * [[Community/Forums|Forums]]
 * [[Community/MailingLists|Mailing Lists]]
 * [[Community/UserGroups|User Groups]]
 * [[Community/Misc|Misc]]
 * [[Community/WebResources|Web Resources]] Web sites and user pages


 * [[System/Vendors|Vendors]]
 * [[System/SupportedPlatforms|Supported Platforms]]
 * [[Misc/Training|Training]] - Sources offering workshops and/or courses.
 * [[DevelopmentTools | Development Tools]] to make your work easier
 * [[Misc/Articles|Articles]] - Where the focus is not on APL, but APL is used somehow

APL Wiki Frontpage

This wiki is about the APL Programming Language, one of the oldest (in terms of age) and youngest (in terms of concepts) of all programming languages. It is an interpreted language with built-in array capabilities and outstanding debugging features that makes the language a perfect choice for the agile approach.

If you are curious about APL consider reading Bernard Legrand's excellent article "APL - a Glimpse of Heaven" on Vector.

APL in action

Guides - Beginners guides, FAQs etc.

Library — APL code library

APL community


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