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 * Bug fixes  * "Report Hits" improved:
   * Renamed to "Report details".
   * By default only lines with hits are shown but with the newly introduced "Show all lines" check box the user might view all lines.
   * Clicking on an object in the !TreeView scrolls to that object.
   * Styling improved.
   * "Preview" is scrolled automatically when a line is clicked.
   * "Preview" is scrolled automatically when one of these keys is pressed: !CursourUp, !CursorDown, Home, End, !PageUp, !PageDown
   * Internal improvements: uses Edge now and produces HTML5.
 * "Replace Report" improved:
   * The space bar now toggles the check box.
   * "Preview" is scrolled automatically when a line is clicked.
   * "Preview" is scrolled automatically when one of these keys is pressed: !CursourUp, !CursorDown, Home, End, !PageUp, !PageDown
   * Styling improved.
 * Autocomplete does not allow entering keystrokes that do not fit anyway.
 * Bug fixes:
   * "Match APL name" was not honoured when "Name list only" was ticked.
   * A !RegEx search could crash depending on the contents of fns/opr/vars.
   * With "Comments" not ticked "Report details" might go wrong.
   * The "Replace" button remained active when a name was copied from to hit list to "Search for" (F6).
   * The "Detailed report" was not always made inactive when it should.

Fire Project Page


  1. Fire Project Page
    1. Bugs
    2. Future Enhancements
    3. Version History
      1. 6.2.1 from 2017-12-30
      2. 6.1.1 from 2017-09-14
      3. 6.1.0 from 2017-08-24
      4. 6.0.2 from 2017-07-13
      5. 6.0.1 from 2017-07-11
      6. 6.0.0 from 2017-07-11
      7. 5.3.2 from 2017-06-06
      8. 5.3.1 from 2017-06-05
      9. 5.3.0 from 2017-05-18
      10. 5.2.4 from 2017-02-24
      11. 5.2.3 from 2017-02-21
      12. 5.2.2 from 2017-02-15
      13. 5.2.1 from 2017-02-03
      14. 5.2.0 from 2016-12-26
      15. 5.1.0 from 2015-09-26
      16. 5.0.3 from 2015-09-26
      17. 5.0.2 from 2015-09-23
      18. 5.0.1 from 2015-09-22
      19. 5.0.0 from 2015-09-20
      20. 4.0.1 from 2015-05-26
      21. 4.0.0 from 2015-05-22
      22. 3.9.2 from 2015-05-03
      23. 3.9.1 from 2015-05-03
      24. 3.9.0 from 2015-10-10
      25. 3.8.1 from 2015-05-30
      26. 3.8.0 from 2015-04-19
      27. 3.7.9 from 2015-03-26
      28. 3.7.8 from 2015-02-01
      29. 3.7.7 from 2015-02-01
      30. 3.7.6 from 2014-10-29
      31. 3.7.5 from 2014-09-20
      32. 3.7.4 from 2014-09-09
      33. 3.7.3 from 2014-08-08
      34. 3.7.2 from 2014-08-07
      35. 3.7.1 from 2014-08-04
      36. 3.7.0 from 2014-08-03
      37. 3.6.2 from 2014-07-26
      38. 3.6.1 from 2014-07-22
      39. 3.6.0 from 2014-07-21
      40. 3.5.1 from 2014-07-04
      41. 3.5.0 from 2014-06-05
      42. 3.4.1 from 2014-06-03
      43. 3.4.0 from 2014-05-21
      44. 3.3.0 from 2014-05-01
      45. 3.2.0 from 2014-04-28
      46. 3.1.0 from 2014-04-02
      47. 3.0.0 from 2014-03-28
      48. 2.8.2 from 2013-08-10
      49. 2.8.1 from 2013-08-10
      50. 2.8.0 from 2013-07-10
      51. 2.7.0 from 2013-04-15
      52. 2.6.0 from 2013-04-15
      53. 2.5.1 from 2013-04-03
      54. 2.5.0 from 2013-02-08
      55. 2.4.0 from 2013-02-03
      56. 2.3.0 from 2012-12-27
      57. 2.2.1 from 2012-12-20
      58. 2.2.0 from 2012-11-14
      59. 2.1.1 from 2012-11-08
      60. 2.1.0 from 2012-11-06
      61. 2.0.0 from 2012-10-21
      62. 1.3.5 from 2012-09-15
      63. 1.3.4 from 2012-09-11
      64. 1.3.3 from 2012-09-07
      65. 1.3.2 from 2012-09-01
      66. 1.3.1 from 2012-06-12
      67. 1.3.0 from 2012-06-03
      68. 1.2.1 from 2012-04-24
      69. 1.2.0 from 2012-04-18
      70. 1.1.0 from 2012-04-04
      71. 1.0.1 from 2012-04-02
      72. 1.0.0 from 2012-03-20
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Link to Fire's home page


Future Enhancements

Version History

6.2.1 from 2017-12-30

  • "Report Hits" improved:
    • Renamed to "Report details".
    • By default only lines with hits are shown but with the newly introduced "Show all lines" check box the user might view all lines.
    • Clicking on an object in the TreeView scrolls to that object.

    • Styling improved.
    • "Preview" is scrolled automatically when a line is clicked.
    • "Preview" is scrolled automatically when one of these keys is pressed: CursourUp, CursorDown, Home, End, PageUp, PageDown

    • Internal improvements: uses Edge now and produces HTML5.
  • "Replace Report" improved:
    • The space bar now toggles the check box.
    • "Preview" is scrolled automatically when a line is clicked.
    • "Preview" is scrolled automatically when one of these keys is pressed: CursourUp, CursorDown, Home, End, PageUp, PageDown

    • Styling improved.
  • Autocomplete does not allow entering keystrokes that do not fit anyway.
  • Bug fixes:
    • "Match APL name" was not honoured when "Name list only" was ticked.
    • A RegEx search could crash depending on the contents of fns/opr/vars.

    • With "Comments" not ticked "Report details" might go wrong.
    • The "Replace" button remained active when a name was copied from to hit list to "Search for" (F6).
    • The "Detailed report" was not always made inactive when it should.
    • Pressing a key in "Start looking here" could break Fire in case the list was empty.
    • The name class in the "Hit" report showed a local separator. Is now always a dot.
    • The "Action" column in the "Hit" was not always visible.
    • The help file(s) where not always found.
    • RegEx expressions crashed in version 16.0.

6.1.1 from 2017-09-14

  • Context menu on the "Replace by" edit control improved.
  • Bug fix: under rare circumstances autocomplete did not work as expected and could even crash Fire.

6.1.0 from 2017-08-24

  • Fire asks whether it should tick the "Text" option when a quote is detected in the "Search for" field.
  • Fire asks whether it should tick the "Comments" option when the user searches for comments.
  • Fire asks whether it should un-tick the "Match APL names" option in case what the user searches for is not a valid name.
  • Fire asks whether it should take measures because the "Name list only" option is ticked but "Search for" is not a valid name.
  • When "Name list only" is ticked "Fns, opr & scripts" as well as "Variables" and the "Scan" group now become invisible and inactive. This allows to preserve the original setting without causing confusion.

  • New version of WinReg embedded. The old version could crash Fire due to a problem with a handle being closed twice.

  • No error messsages are displayed any more in the Status window while a search operation is performed.
  • The error report typically caused by WS FULL when scanning a variable is no longer shown per variable but as one single report at the end of the search operation.
  • Bug fixes
    • When "Name list only" was ticked the number of hits was reported incorrectly.
    • In dialog boxes with a "Yes", a "No" and a "Cancel" button pressing <escape> pressed the "No" button rather than the "Cancel" button. <Escape> must trigger "No" only if there is just a "Yes" and a "No" button.

6.0.2 from 2017-07-13

  • Bug fix: after updating from an earlier version Fire would fail with a DOMAIN ERROR because of a missing Registry entry resulting in an invalid default value.

6.0.1 from 2017-07-11

  • Fix for bug introduced with version 6.0: the "Hits" report got mutilated.

6.0.0 from 2017-07-11

  • Major re-design of the main GUI and the "Replace" GUI: much simpler interface now.
  • For Regular Expressions the "UCP" option was added (16.0 and better only). This option allows one to make sure that character sets (or classes) use Unicode properties rather than ANSI.
  • Help replaced by a document "ReadMe.html" and better tips.

  • Document "Useful RegExes.html" introduced.

  • Delete keys in the "Start looking here" field are now "Ctrl+Backspace" for one level and
    • "Ctrl+Shift+Backspace" for delete all although the "Del" keeps working for the time being for "del all".
  • Bug fixes
    • "Restore defaults" left "Look in" empty. Falls back to # now.

    • RemoveFnsAndOpr had a problem with dfns.

    • "Hit" report was something wrong.
    • Variables were sometimes not found.
    • Problem with regular expressions solved.
    • Navigating in AutoComplete was not perfect.

    • Ill-formed regular expressions are now trapped and therefore don't break Fire any more. Now a reasonable error message is provided.
    • All message boxes stay now on top of the main form.

5.3.2 from 2017-06-06

  • With the implementation of support for acre 3 (5.3.0) the support for acre 2 got crippled.

5.3.1 from 2017-06-05

  • Effort to overcome the bug that ⎕IO and ⎕ML have unexpected values that make Fire crasH (Dyalog bug 12785).

5.3.0 from 2017-05-18

  • Fire now supports acre 3.x as well as acre 2.x.
  • In case you've added the PID to the caption of MessageBoxes in Dyalog then Fire will now display the PID as well.

  • All dialog box and MessageBoxes now carry OnTop←1. This was introduced due to the fact that occasionally a dialog box disappeared behind Fire's main GUI, giving the user the (wrong) idea that Fire became unresponsive. That should not happen at all, and it's a Dyalog bug BTW.

  • Fire does not populate the "Search" field in the editor any more when 1) it's a RegEx search and 2) the edit was initiated from the Fire GUI.

  • Bug fixes
    • Under certain circumstances a search in ⎕NL with "Match APL name" ticked crashed.

    • The "Strict" check box was not un-ticked when "Match number" was ticked.
    • Searching for a name ("APL name" ticked) sometimes delivered too many hits (stuff between quotes).
    • When Fire itself is searched then it might crash on "Replace" or "Show report" because it might have located hits in (temporary) variables that existed only during the search operation but not after.

    • A search by name (⎕NL) failed to find namespaces were the name carried the search string but none of its content did.

  • Typos in Help fixed.
  • History method added.

  • Fire is now managed by acre 3.

5.2.4 from 2017-02-24

  • This version has a workaround for the "separator problem": When SALT's Setting function is used to specify more than one path for user commands then is used as a separator. Dyalog's own configuration dialog however uses ;.

5.2.3 from 2017-02-21

  • Bug fixes:
    • Variables with a depth of 1 were wrongly formatted in the "Hits" report.
    • When class instances are searched there was a chance that the constructor threw a LENGTH ERROR because no data was provided. This was caused by an overtake on the instance: this triggers the constructor.

5.2.2 from 2017-02-15

  • Bug fixes
    • Sometimes an overtake on a class instance can cause a LENGTH ERROR when it should not! We have a workaround for this now. Happened when Fire tried to tell "changeable" variables from others.
    • A search on names failed under some circumstances.

5.2.1 from 2017-02-03

  • Bug fix. On a machine that has never seen Fire before ]Fire could crash.

5.2.0 from 2016-12-26

  • Fire now has a "Greedy" option in case of a Regular Expression. This option defaults to 0 (!!) which makes life way easier for people who are new to RegEx.

  • The last windows position of Fire is now remembered.
  • Help regarding regular expressions improved.
  • Typo in help fixed.

5.1.0 from 2015-09-26

  • Only now is Fire fully 15.0-compliant: scripts changed via the editor with the )ed c:\MyScripts\Script.dyalog syntax and later on changed by Fire are now considered scripts managed by SALT, meaning the report "List changed SALTed scripts" will mention them.

  • Bug fix: a script that carries comments before any :Namespace or :Class or :Interface broke Fire (that was once illegal!)

5.0.3 from 2015-09-26

  • Multi-line replace with RegEx failed.

  • The "Search hit list" option always remained inactive.

5.0.2 from 2015-09-23

  • Version 5.0 was buggy because an essential module was not loaded. 5.0.2 fixes this.

5.0.1 from 2015-09-22

  • Date&Time formatting did not work. Hit list and marking changes with a time stamp got affected.

5.0.0 from 2015-09-20

/!\ Note that Fire 5.0 requires at least Dyalog 15.0 Unicode

  • "Find" as well as "Replace" now support regular expressions.
  • The "Hit report" is now shown by default, although this can be switched off.
  • Non-default settings are highlighted by boldening the font rather than changing the colour. This was required because color is overwritten by the current theme since Windows 8.1.
  • Internal changes: WinFile replaced by FilesAndDirs and OS.

  • Bug fixes:
    • a header-only search always ignored comments.
    • Minor inconsistency in the GUI fixed.

4.0.1 from 2015-05-26

  • Bug fix: When an acre-managed variable got changed by Fire acre was not told.

4.0.0 from 2015-05-22

  • Fire can now modify text vectors as well as vectors of text vectors. The feature is consistent with other options, most notably "Delete items/lines with hits". However, text matrices and all other possible arrays won't be changed by Fire.
  • Documentation improved.
  • Couple of minor bug fixes, all related to the GUI rather than search or replace.

3.9.2 from 2015-05-03

  • "Posn" is no longer saved in and restored from the Windows Registry.

3.9.1 from 2015-05-03

  • The images in the help seemed to have a problem under Windows 10.

3.9.0 from 2015-10-10

  • In 14.1 and later Fire now is "DPI-aware". At the moment this affects only 4k or 5k monitors.
  • A strange ⎕io-related bug is circumvented now: OnStartButton sets ⎕IO locally. That should solve the problem.

  • Fire now compiles functions under 14.1.
  • The "Save objects for comparison" context menu command got two bugs fixed:
    • Pressing "Cancel" was ignored.
    • It occasionally failed to find objects to be saved.
    • It crashed when one of the objects found lived in an unnamed namespace and "Unnamed namespaces" in the "Container" group was ticked.

3.8.1 from 2015-05-30

  • A "Hit report" now tells why there is nothing to report in case of a "Negate" search.
  • Bug fix: scanning a vars could result in a WS FULL message. Now the vars is ignored.

3.8.0 from 2015-04-19

  • Bug fix: a recursive call to a dfns with caused Fire to crash when the dfns lived in a script and nothing was on the left of the symbol.

3.7.9 from 2015-03-26

  • Bug fix: Fire crashed when any .NET objects lived in the workspace.

3.7.8 from 2015-02-01

  • Bug fix: #.acre.acre.CB.Merge accidentally became part of Fire.

3.7.7 from 2015-02-01

  • Bug fix: 32-bit-GUI leftovers can make Fire crash in 64 bit.
  • All scripts in Fire updated.

3.7.6 from 2014-10-29

  • Contents of #.Fire.AdminUtils refactored.

3.7.5 from 2014-09-20

  • A click into a column header crashed Fire if the hit list was empty.

3.7.4 from 2014-09-09

  • Fire is compatible with 13.1 Unicode (again). Required a couple of changes.

3.7.3 from 2014-08-08

  • Bug fixes:
    • The "Strict" check box became inactive when "Match APL name" was unticked but would remain ticked.
    • "Names only" search did not find any of: classes, interfaces, namespace scripts, class instances.
    • "Names only" search did find the search string anywhere on the path rather than just the object name.

3.7.2 from 2014-08-07

  • The attempt the delete the search string always worked but under rare circumstances the report was either faulty or run into an endless loop.
  • After having created the "Hit" report the focus should be on the TreeView but was not.

  • Large numbers of changes or deletions could be slow when acre was involved.
  • Clicking "Replace" button sometimes resulted in a (wrong) complaint that the "Replace by" input box was empty.

3.7.1 from 2014-08-04

  • "Comments only" did not work when the search string was found at the very end of a comment.
  • "Report hits" was wrong for lines that did not start as comments with "comments only".

3.7.0 from 2014-08-03

  • Dealing with multiple-line replacements got significantly improved with version 3.7.0.
  • Bug fixes
    • The "About" dialog crashed.
    • The "Copy" button on the "Replace" dialog made the replace string multi-line.
    • One more file:/// related problem fixed.

3.6.2 from 2014-07-26

  • Removing hits from the hit list via "Report Hits" did not work properly.
  • There was a problem with file:// which should have been file:/// or file//localhost/ because the former is just a shortcut for the latter; I did not know this.

3.6.1 from 2014-07-22

  • Funnily formatted nested namespace scripts caused Fire to crash.

3.6.0 from 2014-07-21

  • It's now possible to edit code from within the "Hits" report.
  • Removing an item from the "Hit" report now does not only removed it from the hit list but also from the "Hit" report itself.
  • The context menu in "Report hits" now allows printing a name to the session.
  • Fixed bugs
    • Searching for {optionalLeftArg} did not work with "Headers only" ticked while a search for optionalLeftArg worked fine.

    • Under rare circumstances the hit markup ran into an endless loop.

3.5.1 from 2014-07-04

Bug fixes:

  • "Report hits" was wrong when items in the hit list where removed via DEL or Ctrl+DEL or context menu commands.
  • "Browse code" (context menu command in "Report hits") sometimes produced a strange VALUE ERROR but only when running in ⎕SE. We are working around this now.

  • The "Remove all objects from ... namespace from list" context menu command did not always remove all objects.
  • In "Report hits" the warning regarding variables was shown even if variables were excluded explicitly by the user.
  • When the hit list was sorted by a column click a subsequent removal of rows from the hit list sometimes did not work properly.

3.5.0 from 2014-06-05

  • When "CompareIt!" is not available a rudimentary comparison is now displayed.

  • By design Fire treats scripted namespaces like ordinary namespaces. That had an unnoticed side-effect: code like ⎕IO←0 as well as comments outside any function and/or operator was not scanned by Fire. This problem is solved now: everything in a scripted namespace can be found (and therefore changed), no matter where it is located.

    While functions with hits continue to be listed with their names and on their own (as they would when found in an ordinary namespace) the script as such makes an appearance in the hit list only when there is a hit found outside functions and operators.

  • The left argument of Fire.Run now accepts a vector with two booleans rather than a single boolean. If the second one is 0 then Fire assumes that "CompareIt!" is not available. Important for some test cases.

  • The "Search for" field in the "Replace" GUI is now read-only.
  • Bug fixes:
    • The options Comments only" and "Text only" did not work as intended under some circumstances.
    • "Negate" had issues when "Names" or "Headers" was ticked.
    • "Type" in the hit list was wrong when "Search hit list" was ticked.
    • Some information like "i of {total}" was wrong when a one-by-one replace operation was performed.
    • Couple of typos in messages fixed.
    • Fire sometimes left file ties open.
    • Fire left temp files behind.
    • In the "Preview" of a "All in one go" replace operation unticking an object had no visual effect. This problem was introduced with version 3.4.
    • ∆GetTypes sometimes produced an INDEX ERROR. This is bug 10571. We have now circumvent the problem.

3.4.1 from 2014-06-03

  • Bug fix: surprisingly the "Text" of a multi-line edit can be a simple character matrix rather than a character vector or a vector of text vectors.

3.4.0 from 2014-05-21

  • The "Strict" flag is interpreted differently when the search string is one of: #, ##, ⎕SE. This makes much more sense in every-day life.

3.3.0 from 2014-05-01

  • When the "Match APL name" option is ticked a new check box "Strict" becomes active. This allows adjustments previously not available in Fire. See the help file for details - it's quite a complex matter. See the help file for details.
  • There is a new sub-report available from "Report hits" that lists all the unique names found in case the "Match APL name" option was ticked.
  • Searching for "#", "#.", "##.##" and "⎕SE" as names is now possible.

  • Bug fix in the "Preview": when the beginning of the search and the replace string were the same and the length of the two were different then the report displayed rubbish at the end of the shorter one. However, note that the "Replace" operation worked fine anyway, it was just the report that had a problem.
  • A "Full report" had issues with the CSS, making it ugly and heard to interpret.
  • External methods couls have caused trouble; they should be ignored.
  • Sorting the hit list by clicking columns had issues on numeric columns as well as non-numeric columns that contained dates only.
  • Sorting the hit list by clicking on a column and then again by hitting another column did not work properly.
  • Class instances were not handled correctly in case a "search hit list" was performed and a class instance was part of the hit list.
  • Couple of minor bug fixes related the "Match APL name".

Note: version 3.3.0 is the last version that requires 13.0 of Dyalog. The next release of Fire will require 13.2.

3.2.0 from 2014-04-28

  • "Report hits" improved: does not waste any space anymore.
  • Bug fix: the "change one-by-one" option was broken by version 3.0.0.
  • Bug Fix: the "Tell acre" check box was sometimes ticked/unticked unreasonably.
  • Two more minor bug fixes.

3.1.0 from 2014-04-02

  • The "Namespace references" report should rather report references to classes and Interfaces as well. It does now. Because of that the ⎕NC was added to the report as well.

3.0.0 from 2014-03-28

  • Can now search unnamed namespaces and instances.
  • Much faster when generating the "Replace" report.
  • Several bug fixes in the "Replace" report.
  • New report regarding references.

2.8.2 from 2013-08-10

  • Positioning the Fire form can go wrong with multiple monitors with the left-most not being the main monitor, quitting Fire, removing one monitor and then calling Fire again.

2.8.1 from 2013-08-10

  • Large variables could break Fire with WS FULL or LIMIT ERROR. Now the variable is ignored and a warning is issued.

2.8.0 from 2013-07-10

  • New context menu command in hit list: "Save object(s) for comparison..."
  • Under certain and rare circumstances a scripted namespace was ignored by Fire.
  • Bug fix: with the "Match APL name" option ticked under rare circumstances a name was rejected as invalid when it was perfectly fine.

2.7.0 from 2013-04-15

  • Version 2.7.0 runs under version 13.0.
  • With version 2.6 "Help" stopped working.
  • The autocomplete always offered all namespaces in the current workspace matching the search string. Starting with version 2.7.0 it offers just the ones of the same level.

  • Under quite rare circumstances Fire crashed when it tried to compile an change preview.

2.6.0 from 2013-04-15

Note: version 2.6 needs 13.2 Unicode or better.

  • A "Search" can now be cancelled by pressing the "Cancel" button. If that does not work for you then watch out for Dyalog Bug 9394
  • There is no restriction anymore for searching a string in variables.
  • Simple text matrices are now processed in a "Replace".
  • When Fire's GUI would not appear on your screen, for example because you removed one of your two monitors and Fire's GUI was on on the removed monitor then Fire is now smart enough to detect the problem and center the GUI on the main monitor.

2.5.1 from 2013-04-03

  • Pressing <Enter> while a search operation was carried out by Fire repeated the search operation immediately. Now all keystrokes and mouse clicks are ignored by the Fire GUI while a search is carried out.

2.5.0 from 2013-02-08

  • With version 13.1 of Dyalog edit windows opened from the Fire GUI became modal.
  • Deleting rows from the hit list did not pass the focus to another row in a sensible way.

2.4.0 from 2013-02-03

  • Changed lines can now be marked in several ways.
  • The "Replace" window is re-sizable now.
  • Bug fix regarding reporting: though replacing worked correctly, the reports failed under certain circumstances.

2.3.0 from 2012-12-27

  • Compiling a "Preview" report is now twice as fast.
  • The progress bar now delivers more details, including on compiling the "Preview" report.
  • "Negate search" did not work properly when "search hit list" was not ticked and no hit was found.
  • Sorting the hit list by column was very slow when the hit list is large.
  • Under some circumstances pressing "Restore defaults" made Fire crash.
  • The report on hits crashed if the only hits found were in variables.

2.2.1 from 2012-12-20

  • The "Negate" option did not work at all when there was no hit.
  • The Version method did not return a three-item-vector with name/version/date; the name was missing.

2.2.0 from 2012-11-14

  • Fire now supports the new version of acre.

  • A couple of cosmetic changes that should improve the GUI.
  • Some minor bug fixes.

2.1.1 from 2012-11-08

  • Version 2.1.0 broke "Negate" searches.

2.1.0 from 2012-11-06

  • This version comes with a new report "Report hits".

2.0.0 from 2012-10-21

Version 2.0.0 comes with a couple of new and one removed feature:

  1. "Replace by" can still be a simple string but it can now also be a vector of strings, effectively introducing new lines to the code.
  2. The new option "Match full lines only" allows you to identify just full lines for a match.
  3. The GUI got improved.
  4. The "Exclude" options were removed altogether. Too complex, too difficult to understand.
  5. Countless, though minor, bug fixes.

1.3.5 from 2012-09-15

  • Pressing F1 as well as Ctrl+F1 in the "Replace" dialog did not work properly.

1.3.4 from 2012-09-11

  • Fire referred hard-coded to version 13.0...

1.3.3 from 2012-09-07

  • Searching for a system name like ⎕WSID as a valid apl name did not work.

1.3.2 from 2012-09-01

  • Bug fix: The "Call counter" command did not work properly.
  • Test case added for the "Call counter" problem.
  • The GUI displayed by the "Call Counter" command was left behind when Fire was closed.

1.3.1 from 2012-06-12

  • Printing the name of an object from the hit list to the session (F4) made Fire crash.

1.3.0 from 2012-06-03

  • The "Tell acre" check box got moved from the "Replace" to the main form because acre needs to be told about deletions as well.
  • Help is available now via an "Info" button close to a control or a group of contrls.
  • Couple of minor bug fixes.

1.2.1 from 2012-04-24

  • Key for moving focus to the hit list should have been <Ctrl+Home> but was <Home>.

1.2.0 from 2012-04-18

  • CompareIt! is not used any more for "All in one go" replacements. Instead an HTML page is displayed which emphasizes the changes in a better way. It's also possible now to exclude certain objects at this stage from the Replace operation.

  • Scripted namespaces are now treated differently: they are treated like ordinary namespaces = as containers. Functions and operators stemming from a scripted namespace are marked in the hit list with a "Y" in the "S" (="Scripted"). The scripts itself do not make an appearance in the hit list any longer.
  • Regular expression were removed. The syntax of RegEx is too complex for this.

  • A couple of bug fixes.

1.1.0 from 2012-04-04

  • The context menu command "Remove all from namespace...." now offers a "remove also sub-namespaces" which was badly missed so far.
  • Under certain circumstances the "But no comment" button could stay active and even checked when it should not.
  • The "Exclude" group should tick "Nothing" when the group becomes inactive but did not under certain circumstances.

1.0.1 from 2012-04-02

  • Bug in "Search headers only" fixed.
  • Under certain circumstances Fire would not find CompareIt! when it should.

  • Bug in "Replace" fixed: replacing a scalar did not work.

1.0.0 from 2012-03-20


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