FD Armingaud

First contact with APL in 1970 on an IBM 1130, IBM Scientific centre, Paris.

Collaborated to an APL implementation for the Telemecanique T1600 in 1972-1973 with JJ. Girardot and F. Mireaux.

Puzzled with the MCM/700 (a Canadian APL computer that could only handle indices lower than 256).

Not-so happy user of an IBM 5100 in 1977 (IBM's first personal computer, running both APL and BASIC), then happy user of an IBM 5110 in 1978, then heavy user of APL on the IBM HONE system.

Designed a first text and graphics integration in 1979 with DCF and GRAPHPAK on a 3277 GA with Bruno Chollier.

Very happy user of APL for DOS, APL for OS/2 and then APL2 Workstation for Windows at the office. Presently interested in running an APL I could deal with on Linux (Sharp's Soliton does not seem freely downloadable anymore, no experience with APLX yet)

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