Bob "grafman" Free

Email: <grafman AT graphcomp DOT com>

I began programming in APL in 1972 - self-taught - at Golden West Junior College, California.

My first serious APL programs (1973) were 3D modeling/rendering systems with hidden-line removal, followed by a 3D font/text engine.

At Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, I tutored grad math students on APL programming, and created 3D rendering apps in APL that demonstrated specular reflections on curved surfaces (spherical mirrors).

I became a student member of ACM's SIGAPL in 1976, which later spun off a new group called SIGGRAPH - of which I remain a member today.

I later went on to develop 3D CAD/GIS systems for Data General and McDonnell Douglas. I began working with the first GPU (TI's TMS340 processors) during the mid-80's, and was very involved with VRML in Silicon Valley during the mid-90's. Today, I'm an opensource contributor for portable OpenGL libraries.

APL was my first programming language, and remains my favorite. The idea of applying APL to GPU programming is very interesting to me - I may pursue that one day.


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