This page was created by EllisMorgan, starting on 3 March 2009. It is the first wiki page of any size I have created and I am learning as I go along. If you see anything you think can be improved, just go ahead and do it. But if your changes amount to a sizeable redesign and overhaul it might be polite to leave some reasons for your actions here. In any event please use the comment field provided with the editor so we can see what is happening from the page's "info" button.

Design Decisions

For example, in the Previous meetings section should I explain that the blue Baalxxxx entries are links to full minutes of each meeting and that their name tells you the month and year of the meeting? My view is that it is very obvious and when you link to the minutes there is more than enough detail there.

Keep it short

Maintaining this wiki page is a good subject for "how we run the group", so if you want to start a lengthy discussion about it, please move to BAALondon GoogleGroup.

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