BAA London Meeting 2010-02


Topics Discussed


We discussed ways of increasing our numbers. My hope is that we can agree something soon here or in our pages on the APL wiki so we can blast c.l.a, dyalogusers and the fora/ums once without attracting too much criticism for wasting uninterested readers' time. This morning I shall confirm the 26th March with Jerry as the date of the next meeting at the Templar.

The phrasebook project was discussed at length, Ellis having done much work putting together a framework around Chris' library of images. It's now up to interested individuals to pick up tasks in the way of phrases and code snippets and to coerce them into the pattern.

Stephen will start to delegate some of the work to help to get Vector moving towards a print edition.

We failed to discuss Phil's meagre efforts to push forward the proposal for discussion fora at Berlin.

Action Points


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