BAA London Meeting 2010-01


It was good to see one new member and two new faces (I believe this is a reference to Ray's beard - or lack thereof?)

Topics Discussed


We followed Dick's suggestion: and talked about international APL conferences, their gradual demise and recent revival, and possible future formats. We agreed to try to persuade the organisers of APL2010 to let us organise a couple of "open forum" sessions. The suggestion was made that these could have the broad aim of discussing users hopes for the future directions of APL interpreter development. PL to push it forward.

We discussed the Phrasebook project. Most if not all of the printed material is now on-line as scanned images awaiting the choice and application of an OCR. Contact CH for further details. PL if you need access.

Stephen gave us a run-down of the present status of both the on-line and print versions of Vector. He's done a sterling job of simplifying the processes involved in getting copy ready for either format and cut down the concentrated work-load of putting together a print edition but it still requires many odd hours to keep the on-line going and some days for a print run. Help is needed. There was some volunteer response. Contact ST if you can spare a couple of hours occasionally.


Either the bandwidth of the mobile broadband or the reception off Carey Street or a combination meant that the experiment with Skyping into the meeting wasn't a resounding success.

Action Points



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