BAA London Meeting 2009-03


Topics Discussed

Short talk

Phil Last described Acre (his APL Code REpository).
Why? To allow coders to develop, share & maintain systems.
Why tailor made? Because the client wants his customers to install Dyalog APL and the platforms to run it. Everything else should be written and supported in house.
What? Holds all your code changes in folders and transfers them to a relational database on a remote site.
How? Phil has written the system based around the "Fix" editor event. There was discussion about conflict resolution and using IP addresses.
As a result Phil is not going to drop his computer in the river, but if he did nothing would be lost. Phil, I hope you and your computer got home safely!


My notes are particularly thin here ...

Marketing APL

Chris has made some preliminary notes and we had a general preamble about what we might need to think about.
We grouped programming languages: APL, J, K; PHP, Ruby, Mathematica; C, Java; Perl, Lisp, Python; and then had brief discussions about which had done well and why.
"Agile people changed the game"
"Parrot Dynamic language mixer" helps you use many languages in the same system.
This discussion will be continued at the next meeting.

Using and Contributing to the WIKI

Four of the seven of us have edited the WIKI content, two of the others had looked at it and could remember Dick Bowman's working practices article. Ellis believes that all regular group members should be able to add their name to the members section of the BAALondon page.

Action Points

Comments on the Venue

It was noisy again, we will consider either another date (not last Friday of month) or another venue or both. We are looking for: access to a big screen; WiFi available; decent sound with some privacy; a pleasant environment in an accessible place.

Future topics?

Marketing APL to mainstream IT professional and Domain specialists – Chris Hogan
NARS 2000 – Dick Bowman
Direct Development - Stephen Taylor
A few minutes on starting to use the WIKI - Ellis Morgan


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